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About: Chari Pere
Full Name Chari Pere
Chari Pere
Chari Pere is a freelance cartoonist. A native New Yorker, Chari graduated valedictorian of the School of Visual Arts (B.F.A. Cartooning, 2007), and has had worked with such clients as Gretchen Rubin (author of the #1 NY Times Bestseller The Happiness Project), Bullies to Buddies, The Orthodox Union, JLI Teens,, MAD Magazine, PresenTense Magazine, and The Jerusalem Post. She currently lives in Los Angeles, land of the Milk N’ Honey restaurant, with her husband and brand-new happy baby boy. You can view more of her work at

Posts by Chari Pere:

  • Mar 20 2013
    Traveling for Passover, Now in Comic Strip Form!

    “Born Yesterday” is a comic featuring the trials and tribulations of first-time parent Chari, who lives in LA with her husband and son…thousands of miles away from their families and sources of immediate relief or back-up. If you’re traveling with … Continue reading



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