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About: Cori Widen
Full Name Cori Widen
Cori Widen
Cori Widen is a New York transplant who lives in Jerusalem with her two favorite blondes: her husband Shalev and their son Kaveh. She's the CEO at RoadShows, a hi-tech start-up connecting creators and retailers. Her goals as a mother include but aren't limited to instilling empathy, a love of Jewish life & Israel, a belief in science, and an unquenchable thirst for leafy green vegetables.

Posts by Cori Widen:

  • Nov 19 2014
    I Am a Mother in Jerusalem & I Am Scared

    Last night, hours after the terror attack on a synagogue that killed five men, maimed many others, and left prayer shawls, prayer books, and teffilin to soak in pools of blood, I sat on the couch with my husband and … Continue reading


  • Oct 21 2013
    Breaking Away from Family Dysfunction

    My father died when I was just shy of 5 and my mom struggled with bipolar disorder and drug addiction. My extended family vacillated between heroic and toxic. To feel safe, I made wishes in the form of books, writing … Continue reading


  • Oct 7 2013
    Why Are Israeli Preschools Feeding Our Kids Crap?

      Israel does a lot of things exceptionally well: Jewish life in general, giving people reasons to weep from spiritual depth, falafel, breeding good-looking Jews. But you know what Israelis aren’t doing so well? Feeding children. And while some mothers … Continue reading


  • Aug 20 2013
    What I’ve Learned From My Son About Hope

    Traditionally, during month of Elul, we say Psalm 27–lots of rabbis and other clever Jews have insights as to what it teaches us as we head into the High Holidays. Suffering from mommy-brain is a new part of my fabulous … Continue reading



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