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  • Jun 19 2013
    Momma’s First Girdle

    My father’s mother had two constants in her life. The first was coffee, several cups a day. The other was her girdle, which kept her looking as slim as she did when she was a nurse in the Navy, before … Continue reading


  • Mar 7 2013
    The Pains of Parenting with Arthritis

    Two weeks after my second son was born, I woke up one morning with swollen wrists that were too stiff and painful to hold my baby. Using my forearms, I handed our son to my husband and whispered, “It’s back.” … Continue reading


  • Oct 22 2012
    Surviving “Out of Town” Family With a Newborn

    “If it’s a boy, I think we’ll come for the bris,” my brother-in-law in Miami told me a few weeks ago over Skype, just before the arrival of our second baby. As an East Coast transplant living in St. Louis, … Continue reading



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