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About: Emily Rosenbaum
Full Name Emily Rosenbaum
Emily Rosenbaum
Emily Rosenbaum is a mother of three who writes about parenting, feminism, and education. Her latest release is Princess Wishes and Monorail Dreams, and she is currently working on the script for a play.

Posts by Emily Rosenbaum:

  • Dec 12 2013
    It’s Time to Talk Openly & Honestly About Privilege

    On Monday, my youngest child, Lilah, was eating breakfast at our kitchen table. She pulled the newspaper toward her and read the headline: “Girl in the Shadows.” She stumbled on pronouncing Dasani’s name, but got “homeless” pretty easily. My daughter … Continue reading


  • Nov 21 2013
    Eight Nights of Tikkun Olam

    “Guys,” I said at dinner. “You know how every year on the first night of Hanukkah, we send gifts to kids on the Pine Ridge Reservation instead of getting gifts ourselves?” Their mouths were filled with beans and their hands … Continue reading



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