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About: Gayle Brandeis
Full Name Gayle Brandeis
Gayle Brandeis
Gayle Brandeis is the author of Fruitflesh: Seeds of Inspiration for Women Who Write, The Book of Dead Birds, Self Storage, Delta Girls, and My Life with the Lincolns, which won a Silver Nautilus Award for Middle Grade/Teen Fiction. The Book of Live Wires, sequel to The Book of Dead Birds, is available as an ebook. Gayle lives in Riverside, CA, where she is currently serving a two year appointment as the Inlandia Literary Laureate and is mom to two adult kids and a toddler.

Posts by Gayle Brandeis:

  • May 6 2013
    When Mom Gets a Tattoo

    I got a tattoo today. That is a sentence I never imagined I would write. I have been a tattoo admirer in the past, but never a tattoo desirer. I couldn’t imagine an image or word I would want drilled … Continue reading


  • Jun 18 2012
    What is it with Boys and Trains?

    My toddler has a new nickname for me: Milk Carton. This started off as Milk Car, my designated portion of the train as I follow Asher–who goes by Engine–around the house or along the edge of the sidewalk (in his … Continue reading



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