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About: Ian Leson
Full Name Ian Leson
Ian Leson
Ian Leson is the father of a 5-year-old mixed-faith daughter who likes to say she is Jewish or Christian based on which holiday is next. A recent graduate of Boston College Law School, Ian spent many years as an actor on stage and screen. These days he likes keeping up with the soap opera that is the United States Supreme Court.

Posts by Ian Leson:

  • Dec 4 2012
    Losing the Holiday Season to My Wife

    As the father of a mixed-faith child, this is the time of year reserved for my deepest holiday insecurities. I feel like I’m playing catch up from the moment the first Christmas decorations appear in the local mall, i.e., August. … Continue reading


  • Nov 8 2012
    My 4-Year-Old Knows All About My iPad

    While I somehow managed to keep her in the dark for nearly a year, my 4-year-old found out about my iPad. Like all responsible parents, we aim to keep our child as unplugged as possible, and while we do sit … Continue reading



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