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About: Jason Menayan
Full Name Jason Menayan
Jason Menayan
Jason Menayan is a gay Jewish dad to a toddler daughter. He is the co-creator, with his fiance Aaron, of The Kissing Bandit, a unique children's book and puppet combination that makes affectionate play fun for both parents and their children. Although he has lived abroad in Israel, Poland and the Netherlands, he has called the San Francisco Bay Area home for more than two decades.

Posts by Jason Menayan:

  • Aug 20 2014
    Why This Dad Smothers His Daughter with Love

    Although I’m not a mother nor a daughter myself, I enjoyed Jordana Horn’s recent review of “The Jewish Daughter Diaries” in her post, “Do Jewish Moms Smother Their Kids With Too Much Love?” While some of the book’s authors’ have … Continue reading



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