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About: Julia Mannes
Full Name Julia Mannes
Julia Mannes
Julia Mannes is a professional birth consultant and doula certified by DONA International. She provides down-to-earth support throughout prenatal planning, labor, delivery, and the postpartum period. Julia is also a vinyasa yoga instructor specializing in prenatal and parent-baby yoga. She is skilled in acupressure, massage, photography, babycare, and bringing ritual to lifecycle events. Julia teaches workshops in babywearing, holistic newborn care, and yoga for labor and delivery. A native New Yorker who has traveled and lived in Israel, Morocco, Australia, and Europe, she received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Vassar College and worked in the music business for many years. But it was close to home where she answered the calling to serve pregnant women and new families in NYC. Julia served as Marketing Director for Coalition for Improving Maternity Services (CIMS') The Birth Survey, and Ambassador with Choices In Childbirth, helping with distribution for the New York Guide to a Healthy Birth. Learn more at

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  • Sep 26 2011
    Jewish, Yogi, Doula

    I grew up in a fairly complicated and very secular latchkey home with Hanukkah bushes, Chinese take-out, and a sick mama. My mom passed away a couple of months before the Twin Towers fell, when I was 23. Around this … Continue reading



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