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About: Julie Satow
Full Name Julie Satow
Julie Satow
A native New Yorker, Julie Satow can most often be seen strolling with her daughter and baby bump around the West Village or profusely thanking her nanny as she scurries off to her workplace to make a writing deadline. Her bread and butter is covering real estate for the New York Times, but her work has also appeared in The New York Post, The Huffington Post and many other publications. She can be found @juliesatow.

Posts by Julie Satow:

  • Dec 20 2012
    My Beef With Doulas

    Forgive me a few minutes to vent about doulas, those crunchier-than-thou pregnancy helpers that are as necessary now to the Park Slope set as a baby sling or Babycook steamer. But I’m pulling the Boppy pillow from under those mommy … Continue reading


  • Jul 31 2012
    Why Even Bother With a Birth Plan?

    On Friday I went to my OB for my regular check up. Unlike my first birth, where my husband anxiously held my hand each month in the waiting room and smiled excitedly when the thumping of the baby’s heartbeat came … Continue reading



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