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About: Lauren Zeligson
Full Name Lauren Zeligson
Lauren Zeligson
Lauren Zeligson lives in Tulsa, OK with her husband, 12 year old son and labradoodle. She is a graphic designer, schlepper of skateboards, scooters, dog walker, homework helper and avid reader and writer. She is a graduate of Boston University and the Graphics Manager for the largest health system in the Tulsa area.

Posts by Lauren Zeligson:

  • Nov 7 2012
    The iPhone & The Bar Mitzvah Boy

    When Miles was little, we were very careful not to overschedule him. He was and actually still is a child that didn’t transition well from one activity to the next, especially since he has ADHD. We have tried to follow … Continue reading


  • Oct 19 2012
    Preparing for a Bar Mitzvah with ADHD

    It’s my son’s big bar mitzvah year… but Miles is a different kind of bar mitzvah boy. Miles is a child with ADHD. You might be thinking, ahhh, another parent that says their child is ADHD. Why don’t we just … Continue reading



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