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About: Lisa Widawsky Hallowell
Full Name Lisa Widawsky Hallowell
Lisa Widawsky Hallowell
Lisa Widawsky Hallowell is an environmental attorney for a non-profit organization, and a wife and a mommy of one living in Philadelphia, PA. Lisa earned her J.D. from Lewis and Clark Law School in Portland, OR, graduating cum laude with a Certificate in Environmental Law, and a B.A., magna cum laude, from Colgate University in Hamilton, NY. Her passions include raising awareness about toxins in our environment, the intersection of Judaism and environmental stewardship, and singing (if only to her son now). Lisa also volunteers as the Philadelphia Coordinator for the International Cesarian Awareness Network, which works to improve maternal-fetal health by raising awareness about unnecessary c-sections.

Posts by Lisa Widawsky Hallowell:

  • Jan 21 2014
    When Mommy Has Cancer & You Go to Disneyworld

    “Are you sure this isn’t too scary for him?” I clutch our 16-month-old son, seated on my husband’s lap beside me, and draw one hand up toward his forehead, lingering just above his eyes. “Don’t worry about covering his eyes–they say this … Continue reading



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