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About: Liz Matusow
Full Name Liz Matusow
Liz Matusow
Liz Matusow is a housing specialist and occasional editor who has no rhythm. She lives with her family in Winston Salem, NC.

Posts by Liz Matusow:

  • Mar 22 2013
    Celebrating Passover South of the Mason Dixon Line

    Coastal Georgia is not an ideal place for a novice to make gefilte fish.  I realized this at the counter of City Market, Brunswick’s fish market.  The display case was filled with fresh shrimp. “Do you have any carp?” The … Continue reading


  • Mar 19 2013
    Becoming a Mom with ADD

    I became a mother the same way I’ve reached many of life’s big milestones: without having planned to do so. Having been blessed with attention deficit disorder (diagnosed) and an assertiveness deficiency (in my own words), I’ve frequently sought others … Continue reading



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