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  • Oct 28 2010
    Toys without the Bells, Whistles, and Beeps

    Parents all know that our kids love gadgets with buttons that do cool things just as much as we do.  Although it was still a little shocking to read Hilary Stout’s recent article in the New York Times about toddlers … Continue reading


  • Oct 18 2010
    Too Young For Torah?

    My daughter turned 2 last week (yay!), and I’m wondering if perhaps I’ve been jumping the gun a bit with her Jewish education. In general, in parenting, I tend to have a “less is more” approach. Not when it comes … Continue reading


  • Oct 7 2010
    Our Cervixes, Ourselves

    I prepared extensively for my daughter’s birth two years ago–books, DVDs, classes, etc. Her birth turned out to be wonderful and empowering for me (okay, wonderful and empowering and PAINFUL for me). But now, for whatever reasons, my due date … Continue reading



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