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About: Tzipporah La Fianza
Full Name Tzipporah La Fianza
Tzipporah La Fianza
Tzipporah La Fianza is a writer, doula, and homeschooler of four. She also volunteers for Breastfeeding USA. Though she does happen to drive a minivan, she maintains that it's merely a matter of convenience, and that she is not now, nor will she ever be, a soccer mom. Check out her compilation of short stories, essays, and blog posts over at or catch her on twitter @TzipporahLaura.

Posts by Tzipporah La Fianza:

  • Aug 16 2012
    Does Being Frugal Actually Save You Money?

    It seems as though lately, everyone is talking about money and how to make it, save it, stretch it, invest it, or just not spend it in the first place. It has even gained popularity in the Jewish community–check out … Continue reading


  • Aug 13 2012
    Addicted to Ice & Other Pregnancy Cravings

    “Smack! smack! smack!…. crunch, crunch, crunch…” Repeat a dozen times a day. I am addicted to ice right now. And not just any ice–specifically ice which is partially (but not completely) frozen in one of those personal sized water bottles. … Continue reading


  • Jul 19 2012
    Helping the Needy When You Are the Needy

    One day my kindergartener came home from school and excitedly announced, “Our class is collecting canned foods for the needy!” to which I snidely replied under my breath, “We ARE the needy!” Of course as soon as I said it, … Continue reading


  • Jul 16 2012
    How I Went from Epidurals to Homebirths

    With all those posts about epidurals last week, I just had to respond with my own. I was an epidural girl at one point in my life–so I very much relate to those who prefer them. In fact, at my … Continue reading


  • Jun 25 2012
    Pregnant Again, and Not Completely Happy

    This past winter I was late. And later. And even later still. I knew it was likely a miscalculation on my part–been there, done that–but, I still felt obligated to buy a test just to be sure. Obviously, I was … Continue reading


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