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Mar 23 2012

2012 Passover Shopping Guide

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Besides buying those giant value packs of matzah and a nice brisket from the Jewish deli, there are other things you might want to have on hand, especially if you’re hosting a seder. There is a lot–a lot!–out there in the way of seder plates, Passover toys, and more, so while this list is by no means exhaustive, here are a few of our favorite things on the market this year. If you’ve made some great finds this year that we missed, let us know in the comments!

Seder Plates:

Maybe you use the same seder plate that’s been handed down in your family for generations, and if so, that’s great! We love family traditions. But, if you’re looking for a change this Passover, there is quite the selection of seder plates out there to fit all styles and budgets.¬†Jonathan Adler’s “Futura” plate ($150) is made with porcelain and real gold accents and has a very nice, simple loveliness to it.

jonathan adler seder plate

Or, if you’re tired of your seder plate being so… flat, there is the seder plate tower ($354)!seder tower plateIf you want things to get a little more personal this year, the Etsy shop charlotteandmia offers custom-made seder plates ($36) that would make great presents for the kids, allowing you to choose the color and details of the little cartoon person.
custom seder plate etsyAnd if you truly hate doing the dishes, there are always these disposable paper seder plates ($8.64) that will make cleaning up a breeze.disposable seder plates

Matzah Plates & Covers:

Does anyone else think it’s kind of funny that the one thing that’s not actually on the seder plate is matzah? Truly worthy of it’s own special plate, this Israeli-designed metal plate ($200) has a delicate, lacy design.kala matzah plate

Modern Tribe offers a matching paisley matzah cover and afikomen bag ($20-$40), also made in Israel, and also very pleasing to the eye.

For Kids:

There are plenty of ways to dress up kids and babies for the occasion, like this Happy Passover Long-Sleeve infant bodysuit ($18.50) featuring two little matzahs holding hands.happy passover infant body suit

And then you have your choice of Passover-related puppers, like the Four Questions finger puppets ($17) or the Ten Plagues puppet kit ($12).passover plague puppets


And here comes the fun part. Since Passover is such a widely celebrated and beloved Jewish holiday, the world is just chock-full of Passover chotchkies. To begin with, if you are the one stuck blessed with hosting the seder, invite your guests in style with these customizable seder invitations ($20) from Girl in Gear Studio on Etsy.seder invitations

And hey, why not throw some jewelry into the mix? You may only get to wear them twice a year, but this pair of matzah and seder plate earrings ($25) from Alien Princess will definitely make a statement.seder themed earringsIf you’re going to keep kosher for Passover, don’t you think all your electronic appliances should have to keep it, too? Enter the matzah iPhone cover ($17.99). Sure, you’ll probably only want to use it during Passover, but boy, will those be a fun eight days.matzah iphone cover

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