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Mar 17 2011

Brooklyn is Awesome. Nuff Said.

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As I explained in a recent post, my family moved about a month ago–but not very far–only about a third of a mile away. It would take a lot for us to leave Brooklyn. Beyond the amazing and wonderful friends we have here, we love this place. Great restaurants, fun bars (though we rarely go to them anymore since the kid came along), and the shopping ain’t half bad, either.

But in terms of kid-friendly places, well, Brooklyn is simply the best. And if it’s not because of the Russian-Jewish parent and baby group, or the Israeli/Hebrew-speaking parent and baby group, it’s because of this awesome playspace that’s open on Sunday mornings in Carroll Gardens. If you haven’t been yet–GO.

Sundays@Senesh takes place at the Hannah Senesh Community Day School in Carroll Gardens. It started because the folks at the school wanted to provide something that all parents of young children living in small apartments in the winter need: a clean place to run around and chat with other like-minded parents and kids. And eat bagels and drink coffee. Oh, and let their kids do some fun Hebrew yoga too. There’s dedicated areas for kids from newborns through preschoolers, filled with climbing mats and soft blocks and toys.

Even though it’s March, it’s still pretty cold out there–so having a dedicated indoor playspace is fabulous. 8:30 – 11:30 on Sunday mornings–check our calendar for more details. See you there?

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