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Jan 18 2011

Checklist of Very Important Things that Happened at the Golden Globes Party

By at 11:40 am

The InStyle party was a swanky success. Credit: Dana Kowalski

1. As I walked into the party, I spotted Warren Beatty five feet from me. Hollywood legend: check.

2. Some celebrities were smoking pot on the patio. Illicit drug use: check.

3. As I approached the red carpet, the entire bubbly cast of “Glee” came up behind me, thereby instantaneously eliminating any one photographer’s interest in taking my picture. Being humbled (trying not to think of it as upstaged!) by the awesome show that won “Best Show”: check.

4. My SPANX-like undergarments were so confounding that I came extremely close to urinating all over myself and my dress when using the facilities. Near undergarment mishap: check.

Marsden as Eddie Warwick, the cool kid who runs against Blossom for student council president.

5. I could not help saying hello to James Marsden, who guest starred on “Blossom” in our early seasons. I told him I was very happy for his success and he was lovely and kind about his fond remembrances of working on our show. Famous actor who was a fledgling actor on “Blossom” but is still a nice guy: check.

6. After passing trays and trays of lamb chops, humongous shrimp cocktail platters, whole turkeys and dead animals I could not even identify, I found a vegan pasta dish! Vegan-friendly food: check.

7. I was incredibly impressed by the live 10 person band that covered every current and past popular song amazingly. Being astounded by true artistic talent amidst a lot of hype and flash: check.

8. I had some wonderful intelligent conversations with some of the “Big Bang Theory” writers and producers. Faith in people and conversations of content existing in a sea of platitudes, plastic people, and false bravado: check.

Danes won an award for her performance in "Temple Grandin".

9. Claire Danes and I found ourselves passing each other in close proximity. She grabbed onto my arm and quietly and very sincerely told me she grew up with my show and loves me. I stammered an “I love you, too!” and watched her walk away as if I had just seen Santa Claus. Super amazing actress who I really admire being complimentary and super nice: check.

10. Clive Owen was not there. I really thought last night might have been the night he and I met, fell in love, and began a lengthy difficult journey towards divorcing our spouses, breaking up our childrens’ stable homes, and living an ecstatic and highly romantic life together. Reality intact: check.

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11 Responses to Checklist of Very Important Things that Happened at the Golden Globes Party

  1. Paulala says:

    Hee! Thanks for the behind the scenes dish! Loved your checks– and reality check!

  2. Lori Campanelli says:

    I’m with you on the Clive Owen moment…he’s a great actor and easy on the eyes!

  3. Kareena says:

    This is awesome. :)

    Clive Owen? Really? Now David Tennant I could understand … *wipes drool from chin* Sorry, what was I saying?

  4. Ash says:

    Woman.. you’re rocking my socks off! Loving reading your posts.. I just added you on Twitter I’m @gogomumma in case you fancy following back..


  5. Judy R says:

    Mayim, Mayim,

    Knew you when you were in junior high in West Hollywood. Was mother of fellow classmate of your’s.

    Love you on Big Bang Theory.

    You are some brain, girlfriend.

  6. Carla says:

    Clive Owen? Really? He’s your man? If I’m going to wreck my marriage, I think I would go for Colin Firth. But only if he’d be willing to play Mr. Darcy every once in awhile. :)

  7. Ron C says:

    You know what was on their list?

    “Ran into Mayim Bialik at the post Party. Meeting famous actor from hit TV show who is smarter than everyone in the room: bazinga!”

  8. I am just tickled to read this. Thank you for sharing this awareness and for giving this earth a little relief with reality checks.

  9. marjorie says:

    oh mayim, how your endless rocking awesomeness continues!

  10. Sandra Mort says:

    Good to know about the Spanx! That could be a disaster, especially after four big babies! :) Glad you had a good time.


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