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Jun 17 2013

News Roundup: Angry Lego Faces, Siblings as Bullies & More

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All the parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read this week.

lego figurine

– In toy news, a “robot expert” from New Zealand has been studying the faces of Lego figures and has found that the toy giant has been adding more “angry” faces to the mix while decreasing the number of happy faces. (NPR)

– Jewish dad (and former Kveller Book Club author) Joshua Henkin writes for the New York Times about taking up piano lessons at the age of 48, and learning how to play right alongside his daughter. (NYT)

– Is fighting among siblings a harmless rite of passage or the cause of deeper psychological wounds, akin to being bullied? A new study finds that those who were attacked, threatened or intimidated by a sibling had increased levels of depression, anger and anxiety. (NYT)

– The particular struggles of rural women–where education does not often go beyond high school and unemployment rates run high–results in many marrying and having children young while still dealing with the stress of poverty. (Atlantic)

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