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Nov 4 2013

News Roundup: College App Questions Gone Wrong

By at 4:13 pm

All the parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read this week.


– So, we’re all for creative college application questions, but some of the essay questions listed in this New York Times piece are a bit much–i.e: this year’s most-discussed question from Tufts University was about the meaning of “YOLO.” (New York Times)

– Millenials are much less attached to religion than their elders–and as this piece suggests–it’s largely due to the politicization of religion. (Salon)

– This Jewish mom refused to give up her search for a Jewish partner when she was an older single, and now refuses to give up hope to be able to conceive naturally instead of adopt. (Motherlode)

– For the parents who get schpilkes just thinking about their child one day behind the wheel–we have good news. A recent study suggests that fewer young people are getting their licenses. (Motherlode)

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