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Sep 30 2013

News Roundup: The Sexy Words Used to Describe Children’s Costumes

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All the parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read this week.little girl devil costume too sexy

– Halloween season is upon us. Here are a few choice words Walmart uses to describe toddlers’ overly-sexy Halloween costumes: Devil Diva and Naughty Leopard. A bit much, if you ask us. (Salon) 

– If your mother or father is internet savvy, the new iPad app Ustyme is perfect for bonding and communicating with their grandchildren. Two users can read or play games together connected online and by video. (Motherlode)

– Founder of the Small Planet Institute and author Anna Lappe tackles the myth of parent choice and the impacts food advertising has on your children with her new short film, “The Myth of Choice: How Food Marketers Target Our Kids”. (Forbes)

– Israeli-American photographer Elinor Carucci is featured in Time Magazine for her third monograph, Mother, which focuses on intimate photos of her twin babies from birth to 8 years old. (Time)

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