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Mar 3 2011

Not a Tree, But a Child

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Brooklyn Baby Expo on March 13.

My book group, being based in Brooklyn, recently read the book A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, by Betty Smith. Many of us hadn’t read it in school (which seems unusual, because this is an often-assigned book) and since we all live here now, we wanted to get in touch with our Brooklyn roots (get it? roots?). As I read the book, I looked out my window at the snow-covered tree that grew in front of my apartment–MY tree that grows in Brooklyn. I’d always referred to that one particular tree in that way, but until I read the book, I’d felt less than authentic about it.

Of course, it’s not just trees that grow in Brooklyn. At least here in my neighborhood, we’ve also been growing an absurd amount of children. Many of you have probably heard of Park Slope Parents, that (in)famous parenting listserv that people love to hate on. Remember that boy/girl hat debacle? Anyhoo, there’s another site also serving our neighborhood calledĀ  A Child Grows in Brooklyn.

Beyond the fact that I love the name, they’re one of my favorite places to get the scoop on theĀ  local parent and kid goings-on. And they are sponsoring the upcoming Brooklyn Baby Expo on March 13. They’re going to be giving away all sorts of swag–gear, goodie bags, free manicures. They’re also running mini-workshops about raising good sleepers, choosing a doula, and school zoning.

Sign up now, spots are going fast. Kveller will be there–come find us!

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