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Mar 12 2013

Passover Shopping Guide: Matzah Options

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If you’re shopping for Passover, you know you need some matzah, but there’s actually quite the variety out there. Whether you’re looking for classic, gluten-free, or chocolate-covered, we’ve narrowed down our favorite matzah options to make it all the more easy for you. Enjoy!

1. Yehuda Matzah ($27.50) The classic, imported from Israel.yehuda matzah

2. Streit’s Matzah ($15.25) Another classic, this one made right on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. streits matzah

3. Osem Whole Wheat Matzah ($3.99) For the health-conscious Passover eaters.osem whole wheat matzah

4. Yehuda Gluten-Free Matzah ($18.42) If you’re gluten free, this is the way to go. But while it says it’s kosher for Passover, the box wants you to know this is “not a replacement for matzo at the seder.” This one from Lakewood seems to be an okay replacement, though the price might scare you.yehuda gluten-free matzah

5. Hand Made Shmura Matzah ($26.99) If you’re looking for some extra special matzah this year, give shmura matzah a shot: shmura, which means “watched” in Hebrew, is extra special because its ingredients (flour and water) are watched very carefully from the moment of harvesting and drawing.shmura matzah

6. Manischewitz Thin Tea Matzah ($3.99) For your Passover tea party needs.thin tea matzah

7. Osem Dark Chocolate-Coated Matzah ($32.95) How to make matzah more delicious? Cover it in chocolate, of course. Also comes in milk chocolate, dark chocolate mint, and dark chocolate orange.  dark chocolate covered matzah

8. Manischewitz Organic Matzah ($36.99) If Whole Foods is your thing, this matzah just might be for you.manischewitz organic matzah

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