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Jul 2 2013

Sarah Tuttle-Singer Wins Big Award for Facebook Post

By at 1:30 pm

sarah tuttle-singer no more fakebookRemember when our own Sarah Tuttle-Singer wrote that awesome post about Facebook? You know, that one that you and 100,000 of your friends “liked”? Well that post, “We Need to Quit Telling lies on Facebook” just won a nice big award!

So, let’s give a round of virtual applause (I believe that means liking this post) for Sarah. She has won the People’s Choice Award for OpEd from BlogHer. (They chose from thousands of bloggers across the world wide web.) There will be an award given out at the BlogHer conference in Chicago this month.

(If anybody wants to help fly Sarah there we can launch a Kickstarter campaign. Or she could just sell off some hooker boots.)

Let’s hear it for Sarah! (And let’s hear it for the always amazing Carla Naumburg for nominating her.)

Read the post here: We Need to Quit Telling lies on Facebook

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