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Mar 2 2011

Spotted in Chicago: Our Biggest Fan?

By at 11:38 am

Straight from the streets of Chicago, my Dad captured this too-good-to-be-true shot of Kveller’s official new spokesperson. Let’s just take a look at the demographics, shall we? Double Obama stickers. A license plate holder from “” And best of all, on a Prius!

Admit it, driver, you loved our site so much you went out and got this vanity plate as a sign of your devotion. Really, we’re flattered!

(Thanks, Dad!)

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3 Responses to Spotted in Chicago: Our Biggest Fan?

  1. Where was the photo taken, Howard? A friend from Chicago thinks she knows someone who knows the driver of the car. She’s trying to figure it out for us! Thanks for jumping in front of a moving vehicle to help Kveller kvell…

  2. Howard Tolsky (photographer) says:

    The nice lady was pulling out of her parking place and I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket after some struggle since I got that “sticky” kind of cell phone cover so it wasn’t easy or as quick as I would have liked. So I motioned to her to stop, I walked up to her window and she hesitantly opened it, and I asked her if she could please allow the car to pose for the picture. She graciously did!


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