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Nov 1 2010

Take Your Kid to the Voting Booth Tomorrow

By at 7:14 am

So tomorrow is the first big one–the first election post the election of President Obama.

I remember the night the polls were coming in. It was November 2008, and I was four months pregnant, and very very very exhausted. So tired, in fact, that I’d fallen asleep watching TV. But I woke up when I heard the noise out on Flatbush Avenue, half a block away from my apartment. I’ve never heard so many happy people. Not when the Giants won the Superbowl, and not when the Yankees won the World Series. This was a victory for all of America.

I realized that my baby-to-be would never know a day when a black man couldn’t be president. How amazing.

No matter how you feel about Obama’s election or the job he’s done in office so far (or, if you’re me, the things that had already happened before he arrived in office and then he was blamed for–like the recession), tomorrow is a big day. It’s Election Day. And it’s your chance to keep or put into office the people who will do the work you want done in this country.

So go and vote. You can even bring your kids and let them see democracy in action. Just don’t forget to give them your “I Voted” sticker for coming with you.

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2 Responses to Take Your Kid to the Voting Booth Tomorrow

  1. I’m due with our first on Monday (!) but I made sure to get an absentee ballot this year just in case. Every time when I think about not voting in an election from president down to local school board, I remember all of the people around the world that don’t have the opportunity to vote in any election. It makes going to the polls always worth it.

  2. Shoshanna says:

    My daughter was born about two weeks before Obama was elected, and going to vote was one of our first outings together. In our newborn exhaustion we also went to sleep that night before the election was called, but during our middle-of-the-night nursing sessions we could hear the celebrations in nearby Harlem. I remember telling her “little girl, you’ve been born into a different world.” Thanks for the reminder to keep her involved in civic matters tomorrow!


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