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Feb 10 2011

Time for Another Winner!

By at 11:27 am

Thank you to everyone who helped name my friends’ baby!

Thanks to your lovely suggestions, there will be one less Gilgamesha out there (thereby keeping the grand total of Gilgameshas on the planet at zero, as it should be).

After much consultation, my friends chose Orli, which means “light” in Hebrew. Perhaps more importantly, however, it is related to the French word for gold, or. (It is also similar to oro, which is gold in Spanish and Italian.)  When I asked the expectant mother why she chose this name, she noted that “I think it’s sweet and although I am (er, we are, rather) still undecided, that one has stuck with me.”  That seems like as good a reason as I’ve heard!  Thanks, MusicJulia, for the great suggestion—a onesie will be headed your way soon!

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2 Responses to Time for Another Winner!

  1. Suzala says:

    Dear MusicJulia, Orlie lights up the family tree with the unforgettable memory of one Goldie Wolf. Onsie well deserved.

  2. musicjulia says:

    Woo hoo! I look fabulous in a onesie. As long as it’s got long sleeves to cover my aging arms.


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