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Feb 1 2011

We’re Huge In Australia

By at 2:20 pm

Despite what you might think, only 20% of Kveller’s traffic hails from New York City. OK, there’s another big chunk in Los Angeles, which is really not so surprising. And Florida follows close behind (our bubbes trying to figure out what the hell we’re thinking?) But did you know that we’ve had 255 visitors from Alaska including 34 in Wasilla. ( Hi Sarah!)

But in the past couple of days we’ve had a big spike in visitors from Australia, thanks to an appearance by Mayim Bialik on the Australian Today Show where she gives a shout out to Kveller.

It does sound like the announcer says that Mayim got her start in “Bitches.” She pronounces her last name as BEE-alik. And then asks her about “Attached Parenting.” Oh those wacky Australians!

To watch the video, go here.

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One Response to We’re Huge In Australia

  1. mayim says:

    i am wearing way too much blush. sigh.


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