Breaking News: ScarJo is Preggers! Mazal Tov!


We called it! In 2010, though she was not yet a mom, Scarlett managed to make Kveller’s Top 20 Most Stylish Jewish Mommies in History.

Suzie Felber wrote:

She grew up without much money in New York City, is GQ’s woman of the year, does all sorts of charity works and was, until very recently,  married to People Magazine’s Sexiest Man 2010.  OK fine, she doesn’t have kids, so probably doesn’t count.  But come on — tick tock — she’s going to be on this list (along with Alicia Silverstone) in no time flat.

Sure enough, several sources confirmed to E! News that the “Her” actress has a bun in the oven with her French journalist soon-to-be hubby Romain Dauriac.

Apparently Jewish women getting hitched to Frenchmen is totally a thing ever since Natalie Portman tied the knot with ballet choreographer Benjamin Millepied (who recently announced he will be converting to Judaism) in 2012.

ScarJo and Dauriac are expected to wed in September, in which case, a double Mazal Tov is in order.

Mazal Tov, Scarlett!

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