Over the weekend I had an Upper West Side version of a Labor Day BBQ–that is, we went to Dinosaur in Harlem and ordered it to go. Back at my parents’ apartment, after scarfing down more meat and coleslaw than I care to remember, my almost-2-year-old daughter took a bite of watermelon, looked up at us, and declared: “I happy!”

I have no idea if she actually understands emotions or how to verbalize  them, though I’d like to think that in that moment, sated, messy, and surrounded by family, she expressed her first one and kinda knew what it meant.

So, I’d like to call that moment a #dailykvell.

And I’ll put it on Twitter.

And I’ll ask y’all to join me and do the same.

(And for those not-so-great moments, we have #dailykvetch, of course!)

See you on the other side. That would be Twitter, of course. We’re @Kveller. Say hi and shoot us a message–or a #dailykvell or #dailykvetch!

Deborah Kolben

Deborah Kolben is Editorial Director/Founding Editor of Kveller. She formerly covered education, crime, and real estate at the New York Daily News and The New York Sun before becoming  the city editor of The New York Sun and the managing editor of  the Village Voice.  She has also written for The New York TimesFinancial TimesThe Forward, and Jerusalem Report. She received a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University and received an Arthur F. Burns fellowship to report in Germany. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two daughters.

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