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Former Child Actress Mara Wilson Calls Out All That Gross Pro-Trump Anti-Semitism

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Mara Wilson, the former child actress known for “Matilda” and “Mrs. Doubtfire” (and pretty much all those adorable ’90s films), is pretty upset about all the Trump-era anti-Semitism that’s been going on lately. So frustrated, in fact, Wilson has been tweeting about it, describing how she’s been afraid of letting others know she’s Jewish because of it.

Wilson, whose new book about her experiences as a child actress just came out, brings up a good point about the current political climate: If you don’t feel comfortable being publicly yourself (in her case, Jewish), then something is wrong.

These tweets got a number of responses–many of them are thoughtful and supportive–which does give me some hope for the future, and largely, for the election. (Although, here’s hoping I’m not jinxing the election. Cue a series of pu pu pu…).

See her tweet below, and the other responses, below:

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