Friday Night: Challah’s Back

Leavened bread tastes SO good after eight days of Passover.

Oh, how I love challah. And it’s just the best in the few days after Passover, when all you’ve had (well, all you’ve tried to have) is dry, crunchy matzah. You know it as well as I do–no matter how you disguise it, in kugels or cakes or cookies, matzah is still matzah.

So to celebrate the return to bread products, I wanted to share a couple of Kveller’s challah recipes with you. If you’re craving the classic challah, you can find it here. If you miss the pumpkin and spice flavors of the fall, try this pumpkin challah on for size.

And if you love changing it up, try this one for chocolate challah. I warn you that the recipe is a little crass–it involves a frozen challah and a candy bar–but it is hmmm hmmm delicious.

Shabbat Shalom!

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