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Hits of the Week from Kveller: July 8 – 12

This week’s most popular posts from Kveller, in case you missed them.

– Notes from a 9 Months Pregnant CEO. Since she’s become visibly pregnant with her second child, Rabbi Jill Jacobs noticed that most people perceive her not as a CEO and religious leader but a walking, talking uterus.

– You Don’t Have to Be Selfless to Be a Good Mom. When she heard so many women saying their mothers were their heroes for being so selfless, Whitney wondered whether you really need to give up so much of yourself to be a good mom.

– I Caught My Husband Sneaking Formula to the Twins.  Cara and her husband agreed on breastfeeding their twins, but had some formula on hand for emergencies. So she wasn’t too happy when she caught her husband red-handed, sneaking them some formula.

– Three Crazy Things That Happened Last Week. A week in the life of a celebrity: your phone dies, your power goes out, and you find a dead slug in your home. Oh, to be Mayim Bialik!

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