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Hits of the Week from Kveller: Nov 16-30th

This week’s most popular posts from Raising Kvell, in case you missed them.

– What Homeschooling Actually Entails. Ever wonder what day-to-day life is like for homeschoolers? What a homeschooler does all day? Yael Armstrong opens up about her daily homeschooling lift.

– How to 8 Nights of Hanukkah Without Creating Spoiled Brats. Nina Badzin has a guide for giving gifts that won’t break the bank or make your kids insufferable.

– 10 Tips For Life With Two Kids. After our editor Debbie asked for tips on how to help her older daughter adjust to being a big sister, Carla came to the rescue with some important and useful advice.

– Mind Your Own Business. Aliza Worthington asks why we all think we’re entitled to know everything about someone’s pregnancy, birth, and child-rearing. Why are we all so damn nosy?

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