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Kveller Hits of the Week: Dec 31st – Jan 4th

This week’s most popular posts from Raising Kvell, in case you missed them.

-Stuff I’ve Learned From My 16-Month Old. One dad is surprised by how much wisdom his young daughter has imparted even before she’s able to speak.

-Don’t Outsource Your Etiquette. There’s a new trend of parents sending their kids to etiquette classes, but Renee doesn’t understand why parents don’t just teach manners themselves.

-My Preschool Daughter’s Buzz Cut. When lice condemn Sarah’s daughter’s long hair, they both learn a lesson in gender politics.

-Whose Fault Is Your Divorce, Anyway? Aliza wishes we would stop referring to divorces (and other unfortunate events) as anyone’s fault, and instead think seriously about responsibility.


Mayim BialikMayim Bialik is the grandchild of immigrants from Eastern Europe and the mother of two young boys. She is best known for her lead role in the 1990s NBC sitcom Blossom, as well as her current role as Amy Farrah Fowler on CBS' The Big Bang Theory.

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