News Roundup: Digital Diapers, Breastfeeding Poem Goes Viral

– A new study finds that delaying severing the umbilical cord for at least a minute after a baby is born significantly improves iron stores and hemoglobin levels in newborns and does not increase the risks to mothers. (NYT)

– Could–and should–brothers and sisters share a cabin at camp? In the Motherlode, Danielle Leshaw writers about her 10-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter who have always shared a room at home, and hoped to bunk together at camp (to no avail). (NYT)

– Introducing digital diapers, a new product being tested that corresponds with a smartphone app and can detect possible urinary tract infections, kidney dysfunctions, and dehydration. (NYT)

– It’s definitely news when a poem goes viral. This particular one, written and recorded by British poet Holly McNish, takes on breastfeeding, and questions why mothers are made to feel so guilty about doing it in public. Definitely worth a listen, below. (Salon)

Molly Tolsky

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