News Roundup: I Left My Kid In The Car

All the parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read this week.

-In this much-discussed Salon essay, a mom describes the harrowing ordeal that followed when she casually let her toddler wait in the car with an iPad for several minutes. Despite the mild weather, a concerned passerby called the cops leading to years of legal battles. The author questions whether society’s fear of danger has taken an irrational turn. (Salon)

-Apparently, you never fully outgrow peer pressure. A new study suggests that women are more likely get pregnant around the same time as their high school girl friends. In other words, if all your friends have babies, odds are, you’ll want one pretty soon too. (Reuters)

-Find out how a Dallas teen and her friends raised over $20,000 to create a Montessori school for homeless children. It will be the first school for the homeless of its kind, though the project is still in its planning stages. (JTA)

-Of course we saved the best for last. This educational fart app is not for the squeamish, but it may just be brilliant. Scan any food item and the app spouts some pretty unappetizing sounds and odors on its “Fart-o-meter,” followed by nutritional information about the food. See the demo video below. NSFW.  (Fast Co Create)

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