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News Roundup: Kindergarten Psychopaths, Prehistoric Breastfeeding

This week’s Jewish parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read.

Can you call a 9-year-old a pyschopath? Psychologists now believe you can identify psychopathic tendencies as early as kindergarten. (NYT)

– Guess who’s getting a much-needed makeover? The power suit. (WSJ)

– There’s no shortage of responses to the Time Magazine’s recent cover, but this one, which takes a look at weaning practices in chimpanzees, attempts to answer the question: did cave-babies have attachment parents? (Slate)

New studies show that Israeli families’ IVF success has doubled in the last decade, resulting in 25% in vitro pregnancies, and 20% of attempts resulting in live births. (Jewish Press)

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