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News Roundup: People are Re-Selling their Children on Facebook

        All the parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read this week.

– The Child Exchange, an investigation by Reuters, uncovers the horrifying market of child-selling on Facebook and Yahoo, known as the practice of “private re-homing,” a term typically used by owners seeking new homes for their pets. (Reuters)

– Amy Webb writes on the dangers of over sharing images of your children on Facebook now that facial recognition has the potential to create troves of data on everyone. (Slate)

– The New Republic makes a compelling argument for the “wild child” or non-conformist kid being neglected or mismanaged in the conventional American school system. (New Republic)

– Although there’s a growing pool of stay-at-home dads, The Atlantic says this is a way over-hyped trend that is based more on fantasy than reality. (The Atlantic) 

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