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Kveller is part of a non-profit organization that depends on donations from people like you to cover 85% of its budget. This High Holiday season, we’re reaching out to our readers and asking for your help.

Dear Friends,

I always knew that I wanted to be a parent. I never knew (or thought about) what kind of parent I would be. Turns out, that between mine and my daughter’s personalities, and my hearing loss, I am an extended-breastfeeding, co-sleeping, baby-led-weaning kind of parent. It is thanks to Kveller that I have the words to describe the kind of parent that I am.

I have friends and family who are very loving and supportive. As wonderful as they are, however, they sometimes struggle to understand and respect the decisions that I make. Since finding Kveller, I have found a place where I can intelligently consider many different parenting perspectives and find my own voice and confidence. To my surprise, I also found a community of parents that I want to comfort and support in return for all they have done for me.

This wonderful community needs our support. Kveller is a project of a non-profit organization and depends on donations from people like us to cover 85% of its budget. I hope you’ll join me in donating to Kveller today.

Shana tova,

Rabbi Deborah Goldmann

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