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‘Roseanne’ Casting Call for ‘Gender Creative’ Child Stirs Controversy

Controversy Over 'Roseanne' Reboot Stirs Over Possible Casting Over 'Gender Creative' Child

A few months ago, we reported that “Roseanne” was getting a reboot–which in a lot of ways, we are excited about (considering it was a monumental and groundbreaking show for its time).

However, there’s been a bit of controversy already–and rightly so.

So, what’s the deal? It was recently announced that the reboot is seeking to feature a “gender-creative child,” despite show’s star and creator Roseanne’s own transphobic history and statements.

In the past year, Roseanne did state some weird and awful stuff:  that a transgender male should not be allowed to wrestle with the guys as she called testosterone a steroid–and also said that transgender women shouldn’t be allowed in women’s bathrooms if they have male genitalia.

This interaction was screenshotted by Jezebel:

roseanne barr

The announcement, which was originally reported by Fox News, said the series is “looking to cast a character named Mark, who is the 9-year-old son of Darlene and David. Mark will be a ‘gender creative’ character.” The report also described as “sensitive” and “effeminate,” displaying “qualities of both male and female young child traits.”

This is a complicated one. I do strongly believe mainstream TV and films should be including more LGBTQ-identified characters in general, but I am concerned how this will all play out on “Roseanne,” considering Barr’s recent comments.

I suppose we can only wait and see what happens–although I do firmly believe when writing LGBTQ-identified characters, the showrunners should not only do research, but have an actual LGBTQ-identified writer on staff in order to gain a fuller perspective.

The eight-episode reboot is expected to air on ABC in 2018.

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