Roundup: Taxing Breastpumps and Jewish Mom iPhone App

– Our country has some pretty wacky ideas about breastfeeding. Pediatricians say that we should nurse for at least six months, but most of us have to be back at work after just three. That leaves pumping. But under the new healthcare legislation, while consumers will get tax breaks on dentures and pimple cream , IRS officials say that breast-feeding does not have enough benefits to qualify as a form of medical care and therefore does not qualify for a tax break. (AP)

– Um, if you have a Jewish mother, this video (shown above) is pretty funny. (YouTube)

– It’s not even November, and we are already being bombarded with Black Friday sales. I can live with that, but must we already confront the perennial Christmas v. Hanukkah conundrum? Can’t we have just a couple more quiet weeks before the storm? I can forgive, though,  because it’s written by one of our fave Kveller writers, Michael Kress. (Parents)

Having a sister actually makes you happier. I’m not sure my brother would agree. (NYT)

– It’s that time of year again when we’re supposed to boycott Nestle for inflicting the ills of formula on the world.

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