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This Kid’s Apology Note Is the Most Honest Thing We’ve Ever Read


If you have a sibling, you probably remember all too well the pinching, hair pulling, name calling, toy throwing (did I mention the time my older sister threw a Barbie kitchen set at my head?) and general fighting. And, of course, the dreaded moment where your mom makes you apologize.

Kveller writer Samantha Taylor had a family moment just like this last night. Her son Joey kicked her other son, Aaron. Part of his punishment was that he had to write Aaron a four-sentence apology note. Well…he did…as you can see:


Really, we just can’t get over Joey’s candid response here–and most of all, his unaffected honesty. Sometimes, you just have to tell it like it is. And, you know, he did say sorry four times–that’s pretty apologetic. He’s ahead of the game for his Yom Kippur atonement.

If only we could all get away with apologies like this.

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