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Ugh, Aly Raisman Received a Gross Comment on Live TV

aly raisman

Women just can’t catch a break, especially when it comes to being sexualized and objectified constantly. It’s kind of tiring. Aly Raisman dealt with this on live TV recently when she was joined by former hockey star Marcel Dionne at the NHL Awards to present the Lady Byng Trophy for sportsmanship Wednesday night.

When 65-year-old Dionne saw Raisman come into the stage, he said, “look at those legs!” This comment basically just reduced Raisman to a pair of legs, rather than her actual accomplishments or personhood (like winning three Olympic gold medals and being a UNICEF ambassador)

Raisman, on the other hand, spoke about his hockey history, not his physical appearance. Because she’s smart and decent.

Considering Raisman has been pretty outspoken about sexism and comments about her body, I can’t imagine she was so thrilled about his remark.

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