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Weekly Roundup: Portman Pregnant, Generation F, and Joint Custody

All the Jewish parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read.

-Let’s just get this out of the way. Natalie Portman is engaged. And pregnant! The 29-year-old acctress has already said that she wants to raise Jewish kids though her soon to be husband is a French dancer with nary a drop of Jewish blood that our Google fingers can detect.

-They’re calling us “F.” What the F? Our generation of Jews is now being dubbed  “Generation F.” The F here is for “fluid” and they’re referring to our Jewish identity. (The we here being Jews in our 30s who aren’t following exactly in our parents’ spiritual footsteps.) (Jewish Week)

-In Israel, when couple divorce, the mother automatically receives custody of children under age 6. Fathers can petition, but it’s rare that they actually win. A campaign by fathers is trying to challenge that law and as a result something called the Schnitt Commission was formed to investigate the issue. The commission has now issued a recommendation to the Knesset that the default arrangement should be changed so that parents have joint custody. (A Mother in Israel)

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