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What Were Your #SmallVictories Today?

Surviving a trip to Costco is a small victory itself.


We all want to be Good Mamas, we really do. But there are also those days when we are JUST getting by. The days when we need to celebrate the small victories that help get us from one moment to the next.

The moment I stood firm while my adorable, angel-turned-demon was screaming and writhing on the floor over a mini Oreo. When I resisted the urge to use my shopping cart as an assault vehicle to clear an aisle in Costco. When cutting an apple “the right way” was rewarded with a smile, a hug, and a “Thank you, Mommy!”

Because even if the next hour of the day finds me re-enacting The Exorcist, stomping, shouting, or doing one of the million other things that we all wish we could do better or never have done at all, we still have those #smallvictories. It is important to celebrate those moments. To remember the parts of the day when we felt like we really did have this “mom thing” all figured out. Even if it was only for five minutes.

What were your small victories today? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook or Twitter with the #smallvictories hashtag.

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Jennifer Modlinger

Jennifer Reich Modlinger (Director of Partnerships) received an M.S.W. from Columbia University, an M.A. from the Jewish Theological Seminary, and a B.A. from The George Washington University.  She previously held positions at Project Interchange at the American Jewish Committee, UJA-Federation of New York, and the American Pardes Foundation.  When she isn't working or parenting she is an avid knitter and gluten free baker. She lives in Teaneck, New Jersey with her husband, two sons, and entirely too many guinea pigs.

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