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Mother's Day

10 Brutally Honest & Hilarious Mother’s Day Cards

We’re not sure about you, but we’re kind of tired of all the sugary-sweet, super sappy Mother’s Day cards. No one talks like that. And why would you want to receive a card that just doesn’t seem real?

Since we’re all about being honest and candid, we rounded up some of our favorite brutally honest and funny cards for Mother’s Day. They’re the perfect touch from kids and spouses, so take note:

1. $4 from Etsy, from Spelling Bee Cards

mother's day cards

2.  $4 from Etsy, from Spelling Bee Cards

mother's day cards

3. $4.25 from Etsy, from StudioAMDesign

mother's day cards

4. $4.50 from Etsy, from Hennel Paper Co

mother's day cards

5. $3.75 from Etsy, SquidgeFaceCards

mother's day card

6. $4.07 from Etsy, from Paper Art Shoppe

mother's day card

7. $3.75 from Etsy, from Perks of Aurora 

mother's day card

This one is my personal favorite.

8. $4.50 from Etsy, from Emily McDowell Studio

mother's day card

9. $4.50 from Etsy, from Cheeky Kumquat 

stepmother card

10. $4.25 from Etsy, from Seas and Peas

mother's day

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