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10 Gorgeous Shavuot Tablescapes To Inspire You

We are quickly approaching my favorite holiday of Shavuot, which begins on Tuesday night. Any holiday that celebrates by decorating one’s home with flowers and eating cheesecake is my kind of celebration! I thought it would be fun to put together 10 of my favorite floral tablescapes to help inspire your table decor this year.

1. Let’s start with this year’s Shavuot table that I created using dozens of peonies.

These are hands down my favorite flower and they always bloom around the same time as Shavuot, so to me the two go hand-in-hand. Notice that I added height to the table by placing peony blossoms on top of candlesticks instead of candles. This is a great tip you can use on your own Shavuot table.

2. Another way to incorporate flowers on your table is to have a flower stem tied with a ribbon at each table setting. This doubles as a parting gift for your guests. 

3. Sometimes I like to pick one color or item and use it in different ways
throughout the table.
In this tablescape, I used daisies as the theme, which can be seen in the napkins and floral settings.

4. An easy way to add color to your table is to use scrapbook paper as a placemat. I have used this trick many times and find it makes cleanup a breeze! (Martha Stewart)

5. Have you ever seen an array of gorgeously colored Gerbera daisies in your local grocery store, but didn’t know how to use them on your table? Try placing them in tiny glass containers down the middle of your table in colors that blend one into another.

6. Actually, any flowers en masse look beautiful. I especially adore this display of inexpensive baby’s breath, daisies, and billy balls. (Traveling Ar0und)

7. A trick I use in my own home is using table runners as placemats perpendicular to my table. This adds another layer of color, texture, and whimsy to your Shavuot table.

8. Why not use clear bottles and decorate them using scrapbook paper and washi tape? Then you can reuse the bottles the next time you have people over with a completely different look by using different paper to decorate them! (Decor 8)

9. Along similar lines, you could float blossoms in glasses you aren’t using. Simple and elegant. (Cathy Heck Nursery Art)

10. I end by suggesting you don’t need to only use flowers on your table, you can also incorporate fruit. Here, sliced lemons hide the ugly stems of the bouquet and create a beautiful display. (Blooms by the Box)

No matter how you decorate your holiday table, I am sure it will be beautiful and welcoming. Have a wonderful Shavuot!

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