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10 Movies to Stream After Your Kids Go to Bed on New Year’s

Don’t lie, you’re probably staying home this New Year’s. Maybe you were invited to a fancy party with lots of champagne and cocktails, but you just aren’t feeling it this year (and couldn’t get a babysitter). I mean, come on, it’s so much more relaxing to stay home, watch Netflix, make cocktails (and mocktails for your little ones), then have to schlep to a party you probably don’t want to be at. (Maybe I’m projecting a little.)

For those of you who are staying in, we rounded up some fabulous movies and specials to stream after your kids go to bed.

Here they are:

1. Barbra: The Music, The Mem’ries, The Magic (Netflix)


I mean, who doesn’t want to watch a documentary about Queens Babs that she directed about herself?

2. Sarah Silverman: A Speck of Dust (Netflix)


This is Silverman at her best talking about bed-wetting, the summer she almost died, and making us laugh in inappropriate ways.

3. Silver Streak (Netflix)


This is a movie where Gene Wilder plays an editor caught in the midst of a deadly scandal where he also has to help save the woman he loves. Richard Pryor joins him in this 1978 film — and well, it’s hilarious as you can imagine.

3. Mermaids (Amazon)


Who doesn’t want to see a young Winona Ryder play a girl coming of age in this small town where her budding sexuality is a little awkward? Also, Cher is always a gem.

4. Beaches (Amazon)


This tear jerker about the friendship between two women is a classic — and one of Bette Midler’s best.

5. Sandy Wexler (Netflix)


Adam Sandler plays a really awkward talent manager who might have actually made a good decision.

6. The Details (Netflix)

elizabeth banks

Elizabeth Banks and Toby Maguire costar in this comedy about a couple who deals with cheating.

7. Miss Congeniality (Netflix)


This is a 90s classic for all those who loved watching Sandra Bullock go undercover as an FBI agent and try to catch a terrorist — except she’s undercover in a beauty pageant. Michael Caine and William Shatner costar with her.

8. How to Make an American Quilt (Netflix)


Another Winona Ryder favorite that is actually underrated. Ryder plays a young woman spending the summer with her grandmother — and learns about her family. Maya Angelou, Claire Danes, and other brilliant actors star alongside Ryder.

9. Mothers and Daughters (Netflix)


This is another emotional tearjerker that will give you all the feels, with a fantastic cast of women to boot. Sharon Stone, Courteney Cox, Selma Blair and Susan Sarandon play mothers and daughters as part of a documentary filmed by a single pregnant woman. Get out the Kleenex.

10. A Tale of Love and Darkness (Netflix) 


Natalie Portman directs and stars in this film about the struggles of a family surviving in the early years of Israel’s independence. Definitely a must-see film where Portman shines.

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