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11 Inexpensive Purim Costumes & Accessories for the Entire Family

Purim is almost here–one of the most fun times of the year for Jewish families. Your kids get to dress up, eat a lot of candy, and help you assemble mishloach manot (Purim gift basket) to give to your friends and family. It’s also that fun time where you get to teach your kids about racism, oppression, and why dictatorships are bad.

Because of that, I rounded up some Purim costumes on the cheap that you can easily order online (because you’re busy and not made of money). Check them out below:

1. Moses, Amazon.


2. “Biblical Times” costume for kids, Amazon.

kid costume

3. This Is My Purim Costume T-Shirt, Amazon.

purim shirt

4. Abraham costume for kids, Amazon.


5. Moses kids costume, Amazon.


6. Queen Esther/Vashti crown, Amazon.


7. Mordechai kid costume, Amazon.


8. Queen Esther/Vashti costume, Amazon.


9. Venetian Mask, at Etsy (for those who want to keep it simple).


10. Jeweled crowns, at Modern Tribe.


11. Peanut Butter & Jelly couple costume, at Amazon.

peanut butter

Because who doesn’t love peanut butter and jelly?

Stay tuned for our Purim books and movie recommendations. Check out our gift recommendations here.

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