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valentine's day

11 Jewish Valentine’s Day Cards That Will Make You Believe in Love

Valentine’s Day is coming up, AKA: that annoying Hallmark holiday that has no real value. However, many people still celebrate it in some way, even if it’s just giving that special someone a card and some chocolate (or you know, treating yourself to a massage and having a party for one). Well, it’s about time we reclaim the day in a way that feels authentic with these funny (and Jewish!) Valentine’s Day cards. (And if Valentine’s Day really isn’t your thing, you can keep this bookmarked until Tu B’Av.)

Come on, who doesn’t want to be someone’s lox to their schmear? Here are my 11 favorites:

1. These Ruth Bader Ginsburg Valentine’s Day cards are supreme. Literally. 

This one is $5 from Etsy.

So is this one, also at Etsy.

2. Just like two blintzes, $4.49 at Etsy.

3. Hugs and knishes, $4.49 at Etsy.

hugs and knishes

4. I love your shtick, $4.49 at Etsy.

5. Challah at me, $4.50 on Etsy.

6. Schmear and lox, $5 at Etsy.

7. I love your schtick, $4.50 at Etsy.

8. Everything bagel love, $4.49 at Etsy.

9. You rule-gelach, $4.49 at Etsy.

10. I’m bobkes without you, $4.49 at Etsy.

Also, don’t forget to check out these hilarious Jewish Valentine’s over at the Forward, co-created by our social media editor Lior Zaltzman.

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